Tell Congress and your local officials to ban facial recognition surveillance

More cops and government agencies are beginning to use facial recognition technology without our knowledge or input. In law enforcement’s hands, this technology becomes a tool of dystopian surveillance. Not only can police gather biometric data without your consent, but they can track or target you and your community.


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Facial recognition has massive implications

Biometric surveillance has massive and troubling implications for the First Amendment. Facial recognition means that law enforcement can know everything from who exactly you spend with to and where you protest and then keep tabs on you afterwards.

On top of this, facial recognition software has been proven to be faulty, inaccurately identifying women and people of color. Examining the accuracy of facial recognition programs reveals that the error rate for white men is much lower than the error rate for black women. This translates to real life situations in which an algorithms cannot correctly identify one black person from another leading to unfair arrests in a population that is already over policed and unjustly targeted.

This tech is so controversial that San Francisco already banned it, and there is growing bipartisan agreement in Congress to ban or pause it at the federal level. The momentum for change is here. This is the time to tell Congress and your local officials to act now for our basic human rights.

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